Steps To Complete Your Application:

  1. Getting Started
    Click the "Register" button at the top right to create your account and begin your application or click the "Log in" button to return to an existing application. Then review the general requirements for completing your application. Learn more about the program…
  2. Complete the Application
    Click the "Get Started" button below to begin your application. After completing each of the seven sections of the application, click the ">>" button to move to the next section or click the save button to save your current changes and remain on the same page. Once you have completed the final section (Benefit Information), you will be asked to print and then sign an application statement. Printed application statements will be available at the intake centers.
  3. Upload Required Documents
    Click here to upload the documents required to complete your application.
  4. Review and Submit
    Go to the Review page to see a list of any required data that is missing from your application. Make corrections as needed and then click "Submit" to submit your application for review.